Mediate not litigate – Why choose us?

Understanding the importance of resolving disputes is core to our practice at Conflict Mediator. Our focus is to work with parties to facilitate a fair and equitable conclusion to a dispute.

The experience we provide as your mediator is based on years in commerce, law, and negotiating with Australian and international enterprises of all sizes. We bring focus to each mediation session, having decades of experience working in large enterprise and small family businesses, litigation, and negotiating a vast range of commercial matters including partnership disputes, financial claims and commercial out of court settlements.

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Principal, Conflict Mediator.

Dennis draws upon extensive experience as a litigator and business owner to appreciate the value of mediation for dispute resolution. He is committed to reaching a desired result for all parties involved.

Dennis brings an empathetic touch to his mediation practice. Following years of working as a commercial and general litigation lawyer, Dennis has also experienced the stress of being a litigant in protracted and difficult commercial disputes. One of those disputes should have settled with mediation before it went into litigation. It didn’t. The consequences were costly and stressful for all.

In addition, Dennis has actively issued court proceedings against some of the world’s largest companies. While in the USA, one of his companies fought against Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, HomeAway, and Microsoft. A number of these companies entered into settlements in Dennis’ favour.

Dennis’ career has also included years in Macquarie Bank in the property division and then successfully forming and growing businesses that range in products from the online space, technology, patents, music and entertainment, property and retail. Dennis knows what it’s like to be a tenant as well as having the challenges as a landlord during the COVID-19 in particular.

With experience too in restructures and managing through commercially difficulties requiring courageous decisions with long term benefits Dennis may be able to assist you to address commercial challenges that need perspective and balance to reach an important resolution.

Focused on your Resolution

Conflict Mediator is focused on one goal: assisting parties to resolve their concerns that caused their dispute.

Where Dennis cannot be involved, Conflict Mediator will leverage other experienced and qualified mediators considered best suited to your dispute.

All mediators associated with Conflict Mediator are approved by National Mediator Accreditation Standards (NMAS). NMAS accreditation and practice standards are recognised within Australia and its implementation is overseen by the Mediator Standards Board.

Mediation during
COVID – 19

During these challenging times, timely and cost-efficient dispute resolution is more important than ever.

Our mediation and resolution services are available via Zoom video conferencing. We also have safe and hygienic conference rooms to facilitate in-person services if preferred.

Mediations held over Zoom follow a similar process to in-person mediations and are effective in reaching a resolution. Both parties (and any representatives) meet via video conference. We use a virtual waiting room feature to accommodate private or one-on-one conversations within the mediation.

When it comes to signing a Mediation Settlement Agreement, this too is signed electronically.

There is no reason to delay.

Key values of Conflict Mediator

Facilitate a forum with decorum and respect for all parties seeking resolution.

Seeking value for the parties justifying the mediation and resolution process.

Long term satisfaction for the parties.

What makes Conflict Mediator different?

Ease of access and approach to understanding and facilitating resolution is our hallmark.

Background to carefully listen and know what to ask in a structured and productive way.

Focus wherever possible on pre-mediation and pre-court with a view to maximising the opportunities of the parties to find a resolution prior to the high cost of litigation.

When we won’t get involved also makes us different. Following our initial review if we believe that the parties won’t allow a forum with decorum to genuinely seek resolution we don’t get involved

Our follow up post mediation in the event that all issues are not resolved during the mediation. We persist to ensure every opportunity for resolution is pursued.

The extent of where we can assist. If a party requires advice rather than mediation – particularly where the resolution is a business at the heart of a dispute we can get involved and arbitrate. In that event we do not attend as a mediator. This would be clearly identified before progressing in any formally accepted participation.

Areas of mediation and resolution

  • Pre court in any jurisdiction
  • Court required mediations
  • Property disputes
  • Building disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Finance disputes
  • Telecommunications
  • Technology disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Commercial matters
  • Patent disputes
  • Landlord and tenants
  • Business structuring and interests
  • Banking claims and disputes
  • Industrial disputes
  • Loss assessment
  • Professional Liability
  • Estates
  • General claims requiring a facilitated resolution
  • Family disputes (handled by family mediation specialist)
  • Owners corporation
  • Valuation & entitlements

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Cost and satisfaction

Our costs range based on the mediation and complexity as well as the length of the mediation and resolution services. We are always prepared to quote in advance should we feel that more complexity and resources are required. At Conflict Mediator we understand that we are only as good as our last mediation. We will do our best to facilitate settlement of any dispute in which we are appointed to mediate.


Support of parties
in hardship

Where the parties are suffering hardship and require pro bono or lower cost services please speak with Dennis on 04 0900 1900 and he will ensure that we do our best to assist genuine situations of hardship.

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